Miscellaneous projects. I don’t normally stock pcbs for these projects, however may still have some spares, please contact me if you’re interested.

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  1. hello! this looks nice. I dont know much about DIY controllers.
    are the rotaries endless? and does this come with all the parts assembled?


    • thank you.

      yes, rotary encoders are endless.

      i offer pcb and pre-programmed mcu only, you can get all other parts using up to date BOM that has digikey and mouser part numbers.

  2. Hi,
    I stumbled across your site, I am very interested in your Midi Gal and I was wondering if you could answer me; does one unit can do all different features;arpeggiator, sequencer, clock etc or do I need to have a separate unit to do each thing (if I wanted to use all functions)?
    Many thanks,

    • It depends on the firmware. MDIpal firmware has simple clock gen, arp and sequencer apps. However, full featured MidiSeq, MidiArp and MidiClk take up entire device, so you’ll need to reload firmware to have them. Reloading firmware requires sending a special sysex to it.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        I assume I can also back/load up the midigal sequences etc back/from the computer (via sysex) if I was to load it up with a different firmware for a different use. Can you please confirm?

      • Sure, you can back up MidiGAL/MidiSeq sequencers at once or one by one via sysex to a computer, then load them back into current slot, or restore entire device.

  3. Have a small problem in purchasing. I live in Thailand. Paypal refuses to accept my actual address. Is there a way we can arrange to have my goods sent here? I can pay to an email address. Thanks.

  4. hello, sexy device overhere .. any vidéo with few synth playing chords , bass ..
    record patterns, quantitize, shuffle, save, playing all parts without stopping ..
    how long for france, yu think .. cheers

  5. Hello,
    Is there an enclosure design publicly available (eps/svg) for MidiAlf, MidiRex or MidiGAL ?

    Thanks for your amazing work !
    I just finished a midiAlf and I plan to work on a midiRex 😉



  6. Hi, I’m hoping you can help me. I’m trying to turn a two voice synth plus two mono synths into a polysynth.

    I’m looking for a device that will take 4 notes from a master keyboard (in a 4 note chord) and split them across channels – however I need the first two notes to go to the same channel (eg channel 1 for the two voice synth) and the second and third notes to go to their own channel (eg. channels 2 and 3 for the mono synths).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I don’t think this is possible without custom firmware programming: both MIDIpal firmware and dedicated MidiDispatch firmware will split notes between given amount of channels evenly.

  7. Hi
    I was wondering what combination of midi sequencers would work for 6 poly midi tracks plus a few CV tracks. Randomization and other effects would be nice also. Thank you for your time

  8. I apologize.
    I have a Nord Lead 3 which I will be running 4 total midi tracks from, each step with 2-3 voice polyphony. I will also be running 2 midi tracks out of a drum machine. I also wanted to sequence CV tracks from modular gear.

    What combination of midi and CV sequencers would be most beneficial to run this setup?
    Hopefully that explained it 🙂

    • Hmm… are those 4 tracks from NL3 monophonic or polyphonic? Same question about “two midi tracks ouf of a drum machine”. What exactly do you mean by “sequence CV tracks from modular gear” ?

  9. Hello, i own a midipal and do i read it good that with some limitations i can load the midiarp sysex firmware into the midipal. Thanks, looks great.

  10. Hello, trying and doing uploading the hex code from midiarp.hex i bricked the midipal.
    Yeah these things happen when you like to experiment.
    Looks like, after a search, that i somehow changed the clocksource so it says
    ‘device id 0x00000’ so in short it is not to be recognized anymore because it is not running, because it can not run without a clock.
    So my question is do you know where to find the xtal pin on the pro mini chip
    hosted on the midipal board or even better the location of the pin for xtal.
    Cause then i can unbrick it with an external ocsilator, exiting.
    Thanks in advance, Dian

    • You can probably just lower the frequency at which the firmware programmer talks to the MCU to the lowest available (i think it’s 125Khz), so it will be able to talk to the MCU running at internal clock. Then you’ll be able to program fuse bits for the MCU to run at external xtal.

  11. Thanks i got it working, it seemed bricked but a few days later i uploaded and it was allright
    with good fuses.
    Still wil try to upload midiarp, better upload your boot hex and load the sysex by midi.

  12. Hi,
    Is there a way to sync two Volca FM to double the polyphony with your device? I don’t want to just duplicate the signal, I want to be able to double the voices (play up to 6 different notes instead of 3)


    • Yeah, you will need MIdiGAL with MidiDisp firmware that can dispatch MIDI Notes to polyphonic sound modules. This firmware is not publicly released yet, but is stable and a bunch of people with advanced dispatching needs used it w/o problems. Please contact me at the email specified on the ordering page and i’ll provide you with more details.

  13. Hi! really nice projects! I have no building skills, so is it possible to buy a ready-to-go MIDIGal from you, complete with case? If yes, how much it cost? how much it takes to be made? thanks!

    • Sure, fully assembled MidiGAL with firmware of your choice is $145 plus shipping, which is $5 in the US, $15 to Canada, and $25 pretty much everywhere else. Usually it takes a few days, however right now I have a ready to go MidiGAL, so it could be shipped next day.

  14. Hey mate, would love to order a pre-built Midi Sequencer from you with CV/Gate for controlling modular & synths. Not sure exactly what product to go for but had my eyes on the MidiAlf. Can you hit me up with prices, options, build times etc. ❤

  15. Hi there!

    Do you have a device that can merge multiple channels multiple times? As in, creating multiple groups of merges channels?
    For example, I have a device where I’d like channels 1, 2, and 3 merged into a single channel, at the same time as merging channels 4, 5, and 6 into a separate single channel… and so on.

    Best regards and keep up the great work!

    • No, not multiple times. MIDIpal has merger app that merges several input channels into a single output channel.

      Could your please describe what you are trying to do and if there is no better way to do this, I may be able to create such a firmware for MidiGAL.

  16. Hello, awesome site and projects. I’m sure something here can help me do what I want to do. I want to be clear so I apologize ahead of time if I give useless information. So I have a keystep pro controlling my volcas and Jupiter x. I try to engage remote keyboard on my Jupiter to give the keystep access to the I arpeggio, but doing that takes away my ability to choose a midi channel and my Jupiter ends up receiving and playing the midi sequences I have going to the volcas. I need to be able to send midi from the keystep to a device that can filter out at least one midi channel (although unlimited midi channel filtering would be perfect) so it doesn’t get to my Jupiter. Would the midigal work like this?

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