Major MIDI2CV Mk2 upgrade

MIDI2CV Mk2 got some long overdue overhaul with firmware version 3.0! Here are the most noticeable changes:

The rarely used DRUM mode was replaced with POLY mode that provides true polyphonic voice allocation for up to 4 voices.

MIDI I/O code was reworked resulting in complete elimination of gate jitter: delay between MIDI Note On event and GATE signal is now constant 290us. This also significantly improved soft MIDI THRU which now also has constant delay from MIDI IN.

MidiREX firmware updated to v0.97

The main highlight of this update is to make MidiREX compatible with modern MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) instruments like ROLI Seaboard keyboards, Linnstrument, Keith McMillen Instruments controllers, etc. To enable MPE operation, MidiREX can now record on the MIDI Channel associated with a track and since the latter could be set to ‘OMNI’, MidiREX can record MIDI events on all received MIDI channels to the currently selected track, which is essential for MPE compatibility.

A bunch of other improvements where made: new CCs added, bugs fixed, etc.


MidiALF v2 is here!

Long awaited MidiALF firmware upgrade is here.  New features include:

  • Conditional triggers for Note, CC1/2 and re-trigger, similar to the ones found in Elektron RYTM and Digitakt. No more static sequences, spice them up periodically, randomly or manually by pressing the SHIFT key!
  • Note, velocity and CC1/2 randomization. Note value can be randomized according to a selected scale which can be different for each step of a sequence. Try mixing different scales in the same sequence, endless joy!
  • Note re-triggering, 2-16 per step, velocity and pitch modulated, chromatic or restricted to a selected scale. Also can be conditionally triggered. Now you can ratchet just like TD!
  • Song mode: up to eight steps, each specifies the sequence to play, how many times and at what transposition. Chain sequences creating songs!



Fully assembled MidiGALs will be build using Surface Mount Technology. MidiGAL SMT is functionally identical to original Through Hole MidiGAL and has exactly the same form factor.


MIDI2CV firmware update v2.03

This update adds MIDI Channel Learn feature which is useful for applications where the on-board DIP switch is not easily accessible. To learn MIDI Channel, you can now hold down the LEARN switch and play a note on the desired MIDI Channel. This channel will be remembered until the device is reset, in which case the default MIDI Channel specified by the DIP switches will be used.