MOTM Power Distribution Board

This is a MOTM power distribution board with 15 x 0.156″ MTA headers and 2 x 3 way terminal blocks for power entry and chaining. It also has optional coupling capacitors and power indicator LEDs.


Board outline in 1:1 scale: MOTM_PWR


Bill of Materials

15 x 0.156″ MTA headers — A1972-ND, 571-6404454 (Digikey, Mouser)
1 or 2 x terminal blocks — 277-1248-ND, 651-1729131
2 x 100uF capacitors — P15348CT-ND, 667-EEU-FR1E101B
2 x LEDs — 516-1333-ND, 630-HLMP-3507 (3mm, green, diffused)
2 x LED 680 Ohm resistors — 681XBK-ND, 603-MFR-25FBF52-681R
2 x LED spacers — 7355K-ND, 534-7355


To order MOTM power distribution board PCB, please send an email to pete at kvitek c o m specifying how many PCB sets you need, a country where to ship them, and an email address to send the PayPal invoice to.

MOTM power distribution board PCB — $15


Continental USA — $5 (California residents add 8.75% tax)
Canada — $7
Europe, Asia, Australia — $15