MidiALF firmware update 0.93a

New MidiALF firmware version 0.93a is available here.

Change log:

– allow note length longer than the sequence step length (thanks to shiftr @ MI forum)
– rotate sequence commands now rotate linked (16 and 32 step) sequences as a whole
– fixed problem with nonlinear progression sequence re-staring from where it was stopped
instead of the first step. Thanks to Jacob Karlstrom.

– implemented note CV tuning, see command page/Tune
– implemented CV/Gate output support, compile with ENABLE_CV_OUTPUT define to enable it (see midialf/makefile)
– improved LFO UI: shape set to “none” stops LFO on both CC and CV, CC set to 0 prevents LFO on CC only

– rotating step encoder in step hold mode selects active step

– added step hold mode toggled by SEL+CLK
– implemented received CC ignore/receive setting
– implemented root note setting learn mode
– implemented CC1/CC2 number learn mode
– implemented LFO1/2 CC number learn mode