Ordering MidiALF

To order MidiALF, please send an email to pete at kvitek c o m specifying how many PCBs and pre-programmed MCUs you need, a country where to ship them, and an email address to send the PayPal invoice to.

Prices (US dollars):

MidiALF main board  $35
Pre-programmed ATMega644p  $15
8 x 3FTL6 switches and caps  $30


Continental USA — $5 (California residents add 8.75% tax)
Canada — $10
Europe — $15
Australia — $15

Please make sure your PayPal shipping address is correct!

26 thoughts on “Ordering MidiALF

  1. Hi Peter, just realized you have MIDI BUD there and PCB’s for it, is it possible to order one pcb and add it to my MIDI alf order so I save on postage? If you haven’t processed it yet and you can add to it, please let me know or just send invoice for the $20, if you already done it, then I’ll do it next time when I order midi to cv.


  2. I’d like to order a set of midialf+mcu pre programmed+ cv extension board (if available)
    Can you give me your paypal adress ?

    Best regards

  3. I saw this sequencer @ Mutable Instruments website. I guess it’s mentioned somewhere.. but what does it cost to make a MidiALF (incl all the parts)?

  4. Hi I am interested in buying midialf step sequencer with MIDI I wanted to know the total and complete cv gate contenitore.thanks Greetings

  5. Hi, I’d like to order a MidiAlf PCB plus pre-programmed ATMega Chip. World you please send a PayPal invoice to the provided Email? Shipping would be to Germany. Thanks a lot.

  6. Greetings from South Africa I’m interested in in the midialf pcb and Pre-programmed ATMega644p and the cv add on I would also like to know if you stock the plastic case’s to inclose the project
    Thank you

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