Ordering MidiREX

To order MidiREX, please send an email to pete at kvitek c o m specifying how many PCBs and pre-programmed MCUs you need, a country where to ship them, and an email address to send the PayPal invoice to.

Prices (US dollars):

MidiREX main board $30
Pre-programmed ATMega644p $15


Continental USA — $5 (California residents add 8.75% tax)
Canada – $10
Europe – $15
Australia – $15

Please make sure your PayPal shipping address is correct!

26 thoughts on “Ordering MidiREX

  1. hi Pete,

    as a DIY fan of mutable instruments I,m interested of your Midirex Soon)
    but I must ask you about paiement.
    I usually byu things with a prepaid visa card. I’ts alos known as a giftcard,
    this to not take risk of been hacked in my own Visa card.
    You use some paypal form, is it ok for me to order with prepaid card?
    (excuse my bad English)


  2. Hey Peter, I want to thank you for building such an amazing product as the MidiRex! It is a mystery for me that there are no midi-controllers/keyboards that include this.

    I have three questions to ask you:
    1. Is this device plug&play? I mean, can I just plug in the power supply and the midi cables, and then I am good to go? (It was not clear to me reading the price list)
    2. Do you by any chance now if this will work with my Prophet 12 and if it will also record the changes I do to the faders (I think they are midi cc)? Is there an “overdub” function?
    3. And last: how soon can you ship when I order one today? 🙂

    Have a great Day and keep up the great work!
    Herr Albert

    • 1. MidiREX is very easy to operate, just plug it between you MIDI keyboard and your synths, switch it on, press REC, record, press PLAY and it will loop

      2. I don’t see why it would not work with P12. MidiREX records CCs and other MIDI events (no sysex’es currently). It has overdub/replace function.

      3. MidiREX PCBs and MCUs are in stock, so they will be shipped in a couple of days after the payment is made.

      Thank you,

      • Hello Peter,

        Thank you for the fast answer! MidiRex is exactly what I am looking for.
        PCB = Printed Circuit Board?
        MCU = MicroControl Unit?
        Does that imply that I have to “assemble” the device myself?

        Sorry if my questions sound stupid.

      • Yes, MidiREX, like all other projects on this site, is a DIY project. You buy PCB and MCU (if you cannot falsh one yourself), buy parts at Digikey/Mouser/Farnell, and build it yourself.

  3. I’d like to order “MidiREX main board” and “Pre-programmed ATMega644p”, please send paypal invoice to the provided e-mail address.
    I live in France (Europe).

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