MidiARP firmware 1.10

MidiARP firmware was updated to version 1.10. This firmware adds the ‘Octave’ page that allows you to control when the octave is advanced: when set to ‘arp’, ‘arp2’, ‘arp3’ etc, the octave will be advanced after one, two, three etc. arpeggiator cycles. If set to ‘note’, the octave will be advanced after each note. ‘note2’, ‘note3’ etc. are also available. Interplay between number of chord nodes, number of notes to advance octave after and number of octaves in range creates unique arpeggiator patterns that are really fun to play!

Midi2CV Mk2 got a DUOphonic mode

Firmware v3.40 replaces the DUAL mode with a new DUOphonic mode so you can enjoy those quints and power chords! If you still need the old DUAL mode please consider using QUAD mode instead setting the Strobe Gate option to on.

Also, as a drive by change: the PitchBend CV was replaced with the AfterTouch CV which makes more sense since Midi2CV Mk2 now supports software pitchbend.

MidiSEQ firmware update to v1.00

MidiSEQ firmware was also updated to v1.00 and is now considered feature complete. There is no program memory left anyway, so adding new features will not be possible without sacrificing existing ones.

This update adds a new Gate mode “step” which plays notes in the current step until the next step is triggered. This is useful with the external note sync (when KeySync is set to “step”) because it allows you to play steps using the external keyboard with full controll over step advance and not duration.

The update also adds shift+click actions to the Record page, which allow you to quickly clear the recorded sequence and set modifiers on all steps of the sequence. This facilitates use of the sequencer in the recording mode.

MidiARP firmware update to v1.00

MidiARP firmware was finally updated to v1.00 and is now considered feature complete. Aside from minor bug fixes and stability improvements, this update adds MIDI Program Change handling that facilitates live playing. It also gets rid of an obscure UI feature that toggled between the current and default parameter value when the switch is pressed while in parameter editing mode.

Major MIDI2CV Mk2 upgrade

MIDI2CV Mk2 got some long overdue overhaul with firmware version 3.0! Here are the most noticeable changes:

The rarely used DRUM mode was replaced with POLY mode that provides true polyphonic voice allocation for up to 4 voices.

MIDI I/O code was reworked resulting in complete elimination of gate jitter: delay between MIDI Note On event and GATE signal is now constant 290us. This also significantly improved soft MIDI THRU which now also has constant delay from MIDI IN.

MidiREX firmware updated to v0.97

The main highlight of this update is to make MidiREX compatible with modern MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) instruments like ROLI Seaboard keyboards, Linnstrument, Keith McMillen Instruments controllers, etc. To enable MPE operation, MidiREX can now record on the MIDI Channel associated with a track and since the latter could be set to ‘OMNI’, MidiREX can record MIDI events on all received MIDI channels to the currently selected track, which is essential for MPE compatibility.

A bunch of other improvements where made: new CCs added, bugs fixed, etc.