This is a byproduct of MidiALF/CV project: I was testing the fab’s ability to handle plated slots and ended up with what looks like a pretty useful tool to convert 1/4″ cables to 3.5mm and back. Instead of maintaining a bunch of mixed jack conversion cables it’s now possible to just run regular ones through this tool.

Jack-o-mix (small)

Eagle files: jack-o-mix.v0.1

6 x 1/4” Neutrik NRJ4HF Mouser #550-10284
6 x 3.5mm Switchcraft 35RAPC2AV Mouser #502-35RAPC2AV, Digikey #SC1457-ND

IMPORTANT: 1/4″ jacks MUST be soldered on the silkscreen side!

Production Jack-o-mix pcbs:Jack-o-mix_YELLOW


To order Jack-o-mix PCB, please send an email to pete at kvitek c o m specifying how many PCBs you need and a country where to ship them, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

1 x Jack-o-mix PCB is $15

6 x 3.5mm Switchcraft 35RAPC2AV  is $5

Shipping to the US is $5, Canada $7, elsewhere $15.

Eurorack panels by Grayscale are available here.  Jackomix Euro panel drawing.

Jack-o-mix panel

18 thoughts on “Jack-o-mix

  1. We had contact via email, my order is on-hold awaiting CV board. If possible I’d like to add 4 of these. Question: why not have 8 socket pairs?

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    • If you have mixed modular environment: Euro and MOTM, or just want to interface Anushri to MOTM, you have to keep around a bunch of 3.5mm to 1/4″ cables. With Jack-o-mix you can just use regular 3.5mm and 1/4″ cables you already have and connect them through Jack-o-mix.

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