4 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Hi there,
    I’m just about to start building a modular synth and am going to need to match some transistors and reading many threads came across your reference to a pcb designed for that purpose. Do you have any left or are able to give me any help as to how to build a circuit. I cant yet understand how to make a circuit from a schematic, I can kind of understand the signal flow but not well enough to then place it onto a breadboard etc. I’m learning but painfully slow.
    Also will you ever realease the living vco’s as a set of pcb’s because I want to make a 5u modular, MOTM possibly but would really like to make it MU.
    Anyway any help you could give me to match some trannies would be greatly appreciated, the Ian Fritz’s circuit looks far easier to make just by looking at it but I cant translate the scematic to a circuit yet.
    Very much a noob!
    Thank you
    Yours sinceely Daniel Browning

    • Unfortunately i don’t have any Vbe matching PCBs anymore at the moment. Ian Fritz’s circuit works great and one can build it on a breadboard as a one of. Alternatively, you can look for PCBs on Muff Wiggler.

      I still have a couple of PCB sets (3 x JHLVCO + Driver PCB with sine and tri conveters) for 5U format, see the page here: https://midisizer.com/5u/jurgen-haible-living-vco/

      I like MU as well, however making DIY MU panels is much more involving, i have not figured this out yet. With MOTM, you can order professionally looking panes from FrontPanel Express, so it’s much better suited for DIY.

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