MidiALF main pcbs ordered!

Just wanted to let you guys know that first batch of MidiALF main board PCBs has been sent to the fab, expected to be back here in a few weeks. CV board design is finalized, waiting for the main boards to arrive so I can make final tweaks.

18 thoughts on “MidiALF main pcbs ordered!

    • Every person who expressed their interest in pcb or two here or elsewhere is on the list.

      The first batch of pcb’s is white color, the fab did not have cool purple color prototype pcbs have.

  1. Well… I’d be interested in a pcb as well, although I won’t have time for building it until next summer. How can I register / is there some room left?

  2. I am so excited for this. I can’t wait. Any plans on a BOM for the main retailers? I was looking at those LED buttons at Digikey….$$$. I think I did find the un-illuminated version though, which is about half the price.

    • I buy the ones w/o the LED installed (679-2227-ND) and install LED’s myself, it’s very easy, allows you to choose the LEDs you like, and part is half the price comparing to the one with LED installed.

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