MidiALF/CV board Rev 0.2

Here’s the second revision of MidiALF/CV board, streamlined and improved.

Schematics: alf_cv#1 alf_cv#2

Edit: Gate3/4 connectors were moved to the top of the PCB. The plan is to use taller stand offs on the back side so that these connectors fit in with the MIDI I/O connectors.


8 thoughts on “MidiALF/CV board Rev 0.2

  1. I know but isn’t there a way to make those fit all on the back? You have probably considered it all but i think the side outputs are a bit of a pitty on such a nice sequencer. Having outputs on the side takes up a lot of extra space in a desktop setup. Otherwise I’m considering designing a case wich has all the outputs on top just behind the display. The Urzwerg has this and i like that very much.

    • I agree side connectors are ugly and I’m not going to install them in my builds. However, some people may need all 4 gate outputs.

      The alternative may be to move side connectors to the top and use long stand offs resulting in much “thicker” sandwich which I don’t like either.

  2. Looks sweet! i dont mind a “thick sandwich”. Did you think about din sync? That would be awesome, although hard to fit i guess…

  3. this looks to be a reasonable solution. Everything on the back, and if someone doesn’t need Gate 3/4, they can have a thinner sandwich.

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