Acrylic MidiGAL cases are available

Here are a few variants of acrylic MidiGAL cases, the clear green glass ones are usually in stock and are sold for $30 with all the required hardware: 4 x 10 and 22mm stand offs, 8 x top and bottom panel screws (hex head), 4 x side screws with nuts, switch knob, encoder knob and plastic bottom sticker pads.



MidiGAL black case#1_small.jpg

4 thoughts on “Acrylic MidiGAL cases are available

  1. Hello Peter,
    Just discovered your website with interesting diy Midi Projects, while i was searching for Midi master clock Projects. I was wondering if one of your Projects is coming close in terms functionality to this product ?
    The s-n-d product loods very Nice but w the price tag is beyond what I can afford. There seem to be more people looking for a midi master controller, so maybe you would consider to develop this as a future project. Appreciate your thoughts on this.


    • s-n-d clock looks great, however way over engineered in my opinion. I’m sure some customers need it, but quite a few users are happy with simple clock rectification MidiClk provides.

  2. Hello,
    I am new here, just found out you exist as I was searching for a Midipal…
    I believe I would need a midigal only for the purpose of driving different monosynths and play chords with them in real time with a midi controller. What firmware do I have to specify if I order one? Does a manual exist?

    • For that you can use original MIDIpal firmware’s Dispatcher app that will do the job of dispatching notes to mono synths nicely. The manual is available at Mutable Instruments site.

      Alternatively, you can dedicated MidiGAL firmware called Dispatcher which takes dispatching to the next level offering some advanced features like dispatching more than one note to the output channel, channel note transposition, hold and more. This firmware is currently in beat so there is no manual yet.

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