Acrylic MidiGAL cases are available

Here are a few variants of acrylic MidiGAL cases, the clear green glass ones are usually in stock and are sold for $30 with all the required hardware: 4 x 10 and 22mm stand offs, 8 x top and bottom panel screws (hex head), 4 x side screws with nuts, switch knob, encoder knob and plastic bottom sticker pads.



MidiGAL black case#1_small.jpg

2 thoughts on “Acrylic MidiGAL cases are available

  1. Hello Peter,
    Just discovered your website with interesting diy Midi Projects, while i was searching for Midi master clock Projects. I was wondering if one of your Projects is coming close in terms functionality to this product ?
    The s-n-d product loods very Nice but w the price tag is beyond what I can afford. There seem to be more people looking for a midi master controller, so maybe you would consider to develop this as a future project. Appreciate your thoughts on this.


    • s-n-d clock looks great, however way over engineered in my opinion. I’m sure some customers need it, but quite a few users are happy with simple clock rectification MidiClk provides.

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