MIDI2CV firmware update v2.03

This update adds MIDI Channel Learn feature which is useful for applications where the on-board DIP switch is not easily accessible. To learn MIDI Channel, you can now hold down the LEARN switch and play a note on the desired MIDI Channel. This channel will be remembered until the device is reset, in which case the default MIDI Channel specified by the DIP switches will be used.

4 thoughts on “MIDI2CV firmware update v2.03

  1. I’m probably not posting this in the right area. I’m new to MIDI, I’m only using hardware, now computer based, etc.

    I’m trying to accomplish something that I think should be easy with hardware. I’d like to take a MIDI clock signal and half time it. Basically I want my drum machine to run at say 134bpm and my bass synth sequencer to run at 64bpm as an example. Do you have anything that does that?

  2. I used this new feature for the first time today. I’m loving that I don’t have to unscrew the module and fiddle with the on board DIP. Great job!

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