MidiALF and MidiREX firmware updates

MidiALF and MidiREX firmwares were also updated getting the better internal clock implementation with more accurate swing and tap tempo.

3 thoughts on “MidiALF and MidiREX firmware updates

  1. Hello, I have here a MidiREX updated to v1.01, and I am not sure if this is something related to the update, but it is not sending MIDI clock at all. NoteOn/Off works, start/stop work. Only tempo is not in sync.

    ‘MIDI Clk source’ is set to ‘internal’.
    Already tried ‘Clk output’ both ‘while running’ and ‘always’, with no difference.
    Also tried to init the MidiREX, both from the ‘Init all’ page, and holding 1+3+Sel on startup.
    Tested MIDI Out from MidiREX straight to a Volca Keys, and also a Korg NTS-1, both set to accept external clock input. Also checked that both Volca and NTS-1 can get MIDI input and clock from an Arturia Beatstep, so I am sure it is the MidiREX.

    Any pointers?

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