New project MidiGAL

MidiGAL is a simple Atmega328p based MIDI controller board featuring 8×2 LCD, MIDI IN/OUT connectors with LEDs, one encoder and one switch. It can run a bunch of different firmware variants (updatable via Sysex), including original unmodified MIDIpal firmware.

One cool firmware available for MidiGAL is MidiClk — high precision Midi Clock Tester/Generator that is capable of straightening up your DAW or iOS MIDI Clock. See more details here.


8 thoughts on “New project MidiGAL

  1. hi I have successfully integrated your great sequencer into my Crowminius minimoog clone. I use a 16×2 display. Is it possible to jig the code to make use of the full 16×2 space? Also can the sequencer be set so start up with keystart [OFF] as default thanks

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