MidiARP firmware 1.10

MidiARP firmware was updated to version 1.10. This firmware adds the ‘Octave’ page that allows you to control when the octave is advanced: when set to ‘arp’, ‘arp2’, ‘arp3’ etc, the octave will be advanced after one, two, three etc. arpeggiator cycles. If set to ‘note’, the octave will be advanced after each note. ‘note2’, ‘note3’ etc. are also available. Interplay between number of chord nodes, number of notes to advance octave after and number of octaves in range creates unique arpeggiator patterns that are really fun to play!

New project MidiGAL

MidiGAL is a simple Atmega328p based MIDI controller board featuring 8×2 LCD, MIDI IN/OUT connectors with LEDs, one encoder and one switch. It can run a bunch of different firmware variants (updatable via Sysex), including original unmodified MIDIpal firmware.

One cool firmware available for MidiGAL is MidiClk — high precision Midi Clock Tester/Generator that is capable of straightening up your DAW or iOS MIDI Clock. See more details here.