Fully assembled MidiGALs will be build using Surface Mount Technology. MidiGAL SMT is functionally identical to original Through Hole MidiGAL and has exactly the same form factor.


10 thoughts on “MidiGAL SMT

  1. Funny enough I just had a friend build me a MidiGAL because I lack the soldering skills and wizardry he does. It has changed the game for me hardcore!
    Do you know if there’s a way to control the clock via CC value for the MidiArp? Understandable if not, but that’d be amazing to do wild arpeggiations that change speed.

    • No, MidiARP does not have CC for this kind of parameters, only global commands. MidiREX has full control over tempo with CC, so one can use to to control MidiARP and MidiSEQ set to external clock.

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