MidiALF v2 is here!

Long awaited MidiALF firmware upgrade is here.  New features include:

  • Conditional triggers for Note, CC1/2 and re-trigger, similar to the ones found in Elektron RYTM and Digitakt. No more static sequences, spice them up periodically, randomly or manually by pressing the SHIFT key!
  • Note, velocity and CC1/2 randomization. Note value can be randomized according to a selected scale which can be different for each step of a sequence. Try mixing different scales in the same sequence, endless joy!
  • Note re-triggering, 2-16 per step, velocity and pitch modulated, chromatic or restricted to a selected scale. Also can be conditionally triggered. Now you can ratchet just like TD!
  • Song mode: up to eight steps, each specifies the sequence to play, how many times and at what transposition. Chain sequences creating songs!


19 thoughts on “MidiALF v2 is here!

  1. is there an option to configure encoders behavior ? i’ve bought chinese ones and they are decrementing instead of incrementing. this is a simple trick in the code where you set clockwise and counterclockwise regarding increment/decrement. ideally this would be in the Config section of the midialf directly accessed from the Menus

  2. Hello,
    I have built a midialf and programmed with midialf V2 hex files.
    I’ve been able to programmed the Atmel 644PA but after that, when I power on the sequencer everything is really going slowly.
    I.e : the ignition sequence is really very long. After that, if I turn one encoder it’s really long too and it takes a long time to go from one step to the next one. Everything is really longer that it should.
    I have used the original BOM, respecting encoders type and all the recommendations….
    Do you have an idea ?
    best regards

  3. Many thanks for the v2 firmware! I’ve only discovered this 4.5 year too late (…). I dusted off my MidiALF and burned the v2 firmware, after which lots of new functions and a better GUI appeared.

    Very nicely done! I just need to finish a proper case for the MidiALF now.

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