MidiREX firmware updated to v0.97

The main highlight of this update is to make MidiREX compatible with modern MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) instruments like ROLI Seaboard keyboards, Linnstrument, Keith McMillen Instruments controllers, etc. To enable MPE operation, MidiREX can now record on the MIDI Channel associated with a track and since the latter could be set to ‘OMNI’, MidiREX can record MIDI events on all received MIDI channels to the currently selected track, which is essential for MPE compatibility.

A bunch of other improvements where made: new CCs added, bugs fixed, etc.


3 thoughts on “MidiREX firmware updated to v0.97

  1. Hi, can MidiREX work as a “free” midi looper? For example, could I connect a Keith McMillen Softstep pedalboard and start/stop recording any length of midi without a click track? I would like to do ambient midi looping where I can freely record midi which loops after I stop recording and then change synth parameters (filters etc.) while it’s looping. I’ve looked at the iPad infinite looper but it’s very much set to 4/4 so I can’t loop freely.

    Also, how much is it and where can I buy it?

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