Acrylic MidiGAL cases are available

Here are a few variants of acrylic MidiGAL cases, the clear green glass ones are usually in stock and are sold for $30 with all the required hardware: 4 x 10 and 22mm stand offs, 8 x top and bottom panel screws (hex head), 4 x side screws with nuts, switch knob, encoder knob and plastic bottom sticker pads.



MidiGAL black case#1_small.jpg

New project MidiGAL

MidiGAL is a simple Atmega328p based MIDI controller board featuring 8×2 LCD, MIDI IN/OUT connectors with LEDs, one encoder and one switch. It can run a bunch of different firmware variants (updatable via Sysex), including original unmodified MIDIpal firmware.

One cool firmware available for MidiGAL is MidiClk — high precision Midi Clock Tester/Generator that is capable of straightening up your DAW or iOS MIDI Clock. See more details here.


Jürgen Haible Living VCO

I’ve spent recent months away from MIDI due to an acute case of modularitis building a bunch of 5U modules for my modular. These include Jürgen Haible Living VCO, Roland JP-8 VCF clone, Oakley Transistor Ladder VCF and a few other modules. Jürgen Haible Living VCO build details are here, and I’ll be documenting those other builds in upcoming posts,